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Would you like to spend one year living with an American host family and experience American culture from childcare to college classes?
Apply with us for this unique cultural exchange program!

USAuPair - Au Pair Agency based in Portland, Oregon USA
Twinkle Au Pairs are proud representatives of USAuPair here in the UK.

USAuPair is a U.S. State Department designated sponsor for an au pair cultural exchange program with more than 25 years of experience in cultural exchange and hosting au pairs.


Do you qualify?
– Are you between ages 18 to 26?
– Are you non-smoker?
– Do you have a minimum of 6 months driving experience?
– Can you speak, write, and read English?
– Are you single with no children?
– Are you in good health?
– Do you have 200 hours of child care experience?
– Are you willing to commit to a one year program?
– Have you graduated from high school (secondary school)?

If your answer is YES to all of the above questions then you can apply!


What you can expect

Being a USAuPair au pair is a rewarding and once-in-a-lifetime experience. You live as a member of an American family with your own private bedroom and participate in all the daily living activities that are uniquely American.

Your child care duties are limited to no more than 10 hours per day and 45 hours per week, leaving you a lot of personal time to meet other au pairs, make new friends or explore America.

As a USAuPair au pair you will have two weeks of paid vacation during your program year, one free weekend per month, and a minimum of one and one-half days off each week. Plus you may stay an extra month after you have completed your program year. Many au pairs use this month to travel.

Touch down in Portland, Oregon to begin your au pair year before joining your host family. Much of your time will be spent attending a workshop on child development and safety. However, each day offers opportunities to see many Portland area sights.

Your education continues during your program year by studying at an educational institution in your host family’s community. You will need to obtain six credit hours of postsecondary instruction. Host families will pay up to US$500 for your tuition and school fees.

With USAuPair you will receive enough information and support to make your year exciting and rewarding. Our au pair handbook has tips and information to guide you throughout the year. USAuPair counsellors help you adjust to your new environment and arrange fun monthly meetings and cultural events with other au pairs.


Program benefits

The au pair program is a live and learn experience. It is an opportunity to understand American cultural lifestyles, beliefs, traditions, and language. You will make lifelong friends, gain confidence, mature, and face challenges.

The program offers you:

  • Airfare to Portland, Oregon
  • Travel to your host family home
  • 4 nights at Hotel during au pair workshop
  • Complimentary full breakfast plus lunch during USAuPair workshop on child development and safety
  • Medical insurance
  • Private bedroom and meals at host family home
  • Weekly wage of $195.75 US (51 weeks) total approximately $10,000
  • Up to $500 US contribution toward education
  • Two weeks holiday
  • One free weekend each month (Friday evening to Monday morning)
  • 1.5 days off each week
  • Program support from local USAuPair representative
  • Monthly meetings with USAuPair representative and other au pairs

The weekly wage is determined by the U.S. Department of Labour and may change in the future.

Au pairs who successfully complete their programs may extend their program for an additional six, nine or twelve months; or they may use a 30-day visa grace period to explore America before returning to their home country.

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